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News and links from current GSV Ancestor  journal

In the GSV Ancestor journal you will find news items and other references stating that more information is available on the GSV web site.

Below you will find the links to that information.  Remember that some links are cyclical and older links may bring up more recent information.  Some links may also be removed as the content is no longer relevant, however the item will still be listed under the relevant Ancestor volume and issue number.


Ancestor volume 32 issue 6 / June 2015:Ancestor June 2015

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  • CORRECTION p7 [Library Research Day] date Saturday 8th August not Thursday
  • CORRECTION p24 [DNA Discussion Circle] date Saturday 27 June
  • CORRECTION p25 [Talk:Citation & Methodology] date Thursday 24th August
  • CORRECTION p28 [Scottish Road Show] not Warragul More details
  • CORRECTION p34 [Members Queries] Lewis / Fannon email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • CORRECTION p44 [GSV Writing Prize]  website More details



Ancestor volume 32 issue 5 / March 2015:Ancestor March 2015

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  • CORRECTION p38  [WW1 Centernary Writing Workshop] Bookings Open 16 March 2015
  • CORRECTION p49  [Chasing Kiwis Seminar] Speakers Robbie Stockfeld and Vicki Montgomery FGSV
  • CORRECTION p47  [Solomon Reunion] not Soloman. More details



Ancestor volume 32 issue 4 / Decemeber 2014:Ancestor December 2014

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  • CORRECTION p27  [2nd page of Calendar of Events] Sat 14 There is NO Course: Beginning writing family history
  • CORRECTION p26 [1st page of Calendar of Events] Special Research Day is 10.30 am to 1.00pm






Upcoming Events

Sat 01 Aug 15 @ 10.00AM- 01.00PM
GSV Seminar
Tue 04 Aug 15 @ 01.30PM- 02.30PM
The National Archives (UK) online
Wed 05 Aug 15 @ 10.30AM- 12.00PM
Starting Family History
Wed 05 Aug 15 @ 12.30PM- 01.30PM
GSV Writers Circle
Wed 05 Aug 15 @ 01.00PM- 04.00PM
Free Open Afternoon NFHM 2015
Thu 06 Aug 15 @ 01.30PM- 02.30PM
FamilySearchâ„¢ online
Sat 08 Aug 15 @ 10.30AM- 11.30AM
Did they swim? Passengers into Australia - Claire Johnson
Sat 08 Aug 15 @ 01.00PM- 03.00PM
Irish Ancestry Group
Tue 11 Aug 15 @ 12.30PM- 01.30PM
Durham, Northumberland & Cumberland Discussion Circle
Tue 11 Aug 15 @ 01.30PM- 02.30PM
Australian BDM indexes via Digger â„¢
Wed 12 Aug 15 @ 10.30AM- 12.00PM
DNA Discussion Circle
Wed 12 Aug 15 @ 12.30PM- 01.30PM
Cornwall Discussion Circle
Thu 13 Aug 15 @ 01.30PM- 02.30PM
GSV library catalogue & databases - tips
Fri 14 Aug 15 @ 10.30AM- 12.30PM
Orientation Morning - Introduction to the Society and Research Basics
Sat 15 Aug 15 @ 01.00PM- 03.00PM
International Settlers Group