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Early English Discussion Circle

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Are you having problems finding those pre-1800s ancestors?

Where can you go from here? What other sources can be used?

We will meet bimonthly via Zoom, 1.30-3pm , on the first Friday of the month.

In September we will focus on a time that often presents difficulties for family historians, the English Civil War and Commonwealth period (1640s and 1650s), when there was great country-wide disruption and social change. We will discuss:

  • Finding your ancestors who served in the Parliamentary and Royalist armies;
  • How the war and aftermath impacted birth/baptism, marriage and death /burial records; and
  • Women in the Civil War period.

This circle will cover all English counties and will introduce you to a range of less well-known record sources. All members are welcome.

03 Feb 2023 from 13:30 to 15:00
Internet Australia Eastern Daylight Time
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