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"Anything for Mere Show Would be Worse than Useless": emigration, dress and Australian colonial society, 1820s - 1860s

Presenter: Laura Jocic. This talk will be presented online via Zoom. 

Australia was generally reckoned as a country where, for much of the nineteenth century, there was little need for fashionable dress. With the steady influx of free settlers from the 1820s onwards, diaries, letters and surviving items of dress paint a different picture of colonial society, one which was often criticised for being preoccupied with fashion. This talk will consider the nature of colonial society and the emigrant's experience through the lens of dress. What did people bring with them to start a new life in Australia and how did this match with what they found on arrival? 

Laura Jocic is undertaking a PhD at the University of Melbourne, researching dress and its role in Australian colonial society. She is a former curator of Australian Fashion and Textiles at the National Gallery of Victoria.

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20 May 2021, 17:00 to 18:00
Internet Australia Eastern Standard Time
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