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Shut Up and Write

This meeting of GSV Writers will be held online using Zoom.
Shut Up and Write events are practical sessions for those writing family history. You will be sent instructions after registration to help you prepare before the meeting, including allocating about 1.5 hours beforehand for writing.
The meeting is an informal discussion on how much the participants achieved, what they learned from the experience and a chance to exchange ideas.

For GSV members only. Free of charge. Please log in to register.
To allow time for pre-work, registrations will close 48 hours before the meeting.

Maximum of 10 attendees. 

More information on the Writers Circle can be found at https://www.gsv.org.au/activities/groups/gsv-writers-circle

21 July 2021, 12:30 to 13:30
Internet Australia Eastern Standard Time
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Event Zoom Notes
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