Family History Tips and Tools Circle

Our Tips & Tools forum examines the sources of family history information and explores how to use them more effectively.

The July meeting, combined with The Good Oil Group, will discuss using family reconstruction techniques, sometimes referred to as the FAN method, to help overcome family history brickwalls where normal sources of information are scarce or unavailable. Using the FAN technique in the absence of records, genealogists can identify a list of people (friends, associates, and neighbours) who lived and associated with a given ancestor. We will examine the research principles governing this technique using some examples of GSV members’ research. The standard family history software is not designed to easily record and disseminate the results of this research. We will look at various programs that will assist you to use the technique effectively.

Convenor: Rebecca Landy

For GSV members only. Free of charge. Please log in to register. Bookings are essential. 

24 July 2024 from 10:30 to 12:00
Zoom meeting via Internet
Australian Eastern Standard Time
Melbourne VIC
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