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eBooks in family history

Bill Barlow
21 July 2019
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The GSV jumps into National Family History Month - with a talk about ebooks on Thursday 1 August. Be quick to book - or 'ebook' - this event!


eBooks in Family History

Presented by Glen Wall

Thursday 1 August 12.00pm - 1.00pm. 


The talk will show how you can identify interesting family history and experiences, and prepare them for sharing in eBook form with family, friends and other interested parties.

The presentation will include examples of working with people to help them capture living history stories and prepare them for eBook publication.

At the end of the talk attendees with have a better awareness of how to use the internet and technology to package the results of their own genealogy work in a form that can be handed on for others to benefit.



Free for National Family History Month.


Our presenter, Glen Wall is a Vice President of U3A Network Vic Inc and President of Whittlesea U3A. He has been working with people to help them capture living history stories and prepare them for publication as an eBook.Over the last three years he has been delivering a U3A class on ePUBLISHING for authors wishing to self-publish novels, short stories and family history experiences for access on online platforms such as Amazon.

Bookings are required and can be made online HERE., by email, in person or by telephone 03 9662 4455 (Mon-Fri 9.00am-4.00pm). Joint members please book in separately if both attending.


And there's more!

Go TO THE GSV WEBSITE to find other events that are on at the GSV during NFHM - some are free to all for that month. But as you can see from the calendar, every month is family history month at GSV for members.




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