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GSV launches a new Members Forum

Bill Barlow
30 November 2019
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Do you have a thorny problem with your family history research?


Do you often feel someone else will have solved this or know a way to find that vital record?


You may just want to bounce an idea off others and get their suggestions.


This month the GSV is excited to be launching a new online forum for members to help each other or simply share tips and experiences.


It's easy and secure to use - just jump on the FORUM on our website and give it a go. It's free as part of your membership!


... is an online forum hosted on the GSV's website only for members of the GSV to help other members with their genealogy queries or simply to share their family history tips, tricks and



If you have joined any of our Special Interest Groups or Discussion Circles you will know how others can help with your research journey. We hope this online forum will enable you to tap into the wide range of family history experience that our members have. Because it is for GSV members only, you can be amongst like-minded searchers on this Forum, complying with our policies regarding ethics, privacy and harassment. Forum Posts are monitored and unsuitable material will be removed.


The Forum gives regional Members and others who cannot easily get to our Melbourne Research Centre another way to communicate and share their knowledge.


This service is not a substitute for the research services available from the Society’s

experienced volunteers via the GSV Research Services. The Society does not accept any responsibility for the information posted, and like all sources of information you need to independently check and verify. But often a breakthrough comes from a good tip!


How do you get started?


Login to our website as a Member. Click on 'FORUM' in the top Menu bar. Then select membershelpmembers. You can post your own new query (Topic) or respond to an existing post. Check back to see any responses or, if you wish to get an email notification of any new posts, you can subscribe (or unsubscribe) from this service.

Remember not to share private information of a sensitive nature about persons who may be living (see our Ethics and Privacy policies) and to respect the feelings of others who may be hurt by insensitive disclosure or comments.

Read the guide notes about using forums and you can have a play in the Test section before you add any posts of your own.


Much of the enjoyment and wonder of family history is through discovery and sharing. Now this Forum membershelpmembers gives you a way to do that.




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