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8 June 2022
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The Genealogical Society of Victoria has made available many Webcasts for members to enjoy. Below is the list that has been uploaded to our webpage from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022.

Just login as a GSV member from home and these are available from our Webcasts page at https://www.gsv.org.au/webcasts

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Dancing at the southern crossroads: histories, families, genealogies.
Presented by: Mollenhauer, Jeanette
Dr Mollenhauer describes her research into the history of Irish Step Dancing in Australia.

Great War Soldier Settlement and its records.
Presented by: Fahey, Charles
In this presentation Dr Charles Fahey describes the Soldier Settler Scheme in Victoria and examines the scheme and the effects on the farmers and the community.  He also discusses the records that are available for researching soldiers and their farms.

Passenger records: how did your ancestors get here?
Presented by: Johnson, Claire
Describes the records available to assist research into your ancestor’s voyage to Australia.

Strategies for researching and writing about convict ancestors.
Presented by: Vines, Margaret
Explores convict records and resources available in the UK and in Australia and discusses how best to utilise them to research and write about your convict ancestors.

Why did they leave? Exploring the migration of our ancestors from Ireland.
Presented by: Vines, Margaret
An examination of the migration of people from Ireland to Australia. She considers the choices, the push and pull factors and other reasons for their decision through the eyes of her family ancestors. Families mentioned Fogarty, Shannahan, Stawell, Lonergan, O'Shannassy, Baggot, Ferguson


Exploring the RHSV: register of Victorian pioneers.
Presented by: Hiscock, Gillian
The RHSV has collected and maintained an ‘Historical Register of Persons who arrived, or were born in Victoria before 1900.’ In this presentation Jillian Hiscock describes the Register and provides information regarding how to access the data.


James Bate: an enigma.
Presented by: Blackwood, Sue
Describes searching for James Bate who lived in Scotland during the first half of the 18th century.


My journey: researching my family history.
Presented by: de Fircks, Alex
Describes the journey researching family in Germany and Latvia.


Maldon: the Maddocks and Stevenson families.
Presented by:   Vanderstoel, Jane
Jane Vanderstoel discusses researching her families who resided in Maldon for many generations.


Chain immigrants from Southeast Limerick to Victoria: 1854 and after.
Presented by: Noone, Val
The story of immigration of families from Limerick to Victoria during the gold rush era and afterwards through the lens of Michael O'Donnell and Johanna Barry


The life of a squatter in the Port Phillip district 1837-1854.
Presented by: Playne, Martin


Living in the 1890s depression years in Victoria: family experiences.
Presented by: Trotter, Maureen
How their families lived and survived the 1890s depression years in Victoria.


Thomas Wainewright: artist and convict.
Presented by: Norwood, Clodagh
The life of her ancestor Thomas Wainewright who was transported to Hobart for fraud, became an artist and his portraits provide documentation of personalities in Hobart before 1850.


GSV Member Research Interests Database.
Presented by: O'Dea, Tom
The developer of the GSV Member Research Interests Database describes the background to this project and provides a detailed demonstration of the functionality of the system

Preservation of your collection.
Presented by: Parry, Debra
Debra Parry of Melbourne Conservation Services outlines methods of preserving documents, books, maps, plans as well as ceramics, textiles and other objects


Using the Tithe Apportionment records.
Presented by: Down, David
The tithe apportionment records of England and Wales from 1836 - how to use the records to enhance the stories of your rural ancestors.


Cholera in South-West England.
Presented by: Hawke, Stephen
Explores the major cholera outbreak in the 1830s in south-west England and also the later outbreaks of the pandemic in the UK in the 19th century.


Devon cottage scenes during the cholera.
Presented by: Carman, Cathy
Using the diary of a Devon vicar to describe the scenes in a Devon village during the cholera outbreak of 1832


Richard Turner: an excise officer in London.
Presented by: Trethewey, Jillian M
The life of a 19th century Excise officer based in London. Jill describes how she researched her ancestor and the records that are available.

Watermen in London: the Round family in Williamstown.
Presented by: Ansell, Robyn

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