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Thank you to our VOLUNTEERS at the GSV

Bill Barlow
21 May 2020
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This week is National Volunteer Week and we would like to recognise, applaud and celebrate the great work our volunteers do at GSV.


There would be no GSV without our Volunteers.


Nearly 180 of our over 3000 members give their time and expertise to run our organisation. When you walk in the door with your first request for assistance - our rostered Volunteer Research Assistants are on hand to help you get started. As you progress and need in-depth help there is someone who knows. Behind the scenes they work on projects to augment and update our Collection and our databases. 


Many work from home (long before they were requested to isolate). And through these last months they have continued. Another team put together our journal Ancestor: writing, editing, commissioning articles, proofreading and even the creative layout is the work of a Volunteer (not naming anyone, but thanks Jay). Others manage our social media and all our Discussion Circles and Groups. Our specialist IT volunteers do a wonderful job maintaining our computers and our digital media, Facebook, Twitter and keep this blog going. How important this is can be seen in these lockdown times, as we can provide many services from home thanks to their efforts. The launch of our online Forum membershelpmembers is another testament to our Vols. But they also work in administration, library maintenance and planning and running all our Events, talks and classes. Even our two paid part-time Library staff generously volunteer in their own time.


And certainly not least, our President and Councillors volunteer to keep our Society flourishing. On behalf of all our members and everyone in the wider world of genealogy we take this time particularly to recognise your work and thank you


Vols, we miss you at the moment. THANK YOU for your contribution!


And here is some cake to celebrate your work!










Photo and cake:

Jennifer Pallion jennifer@foodess.com



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