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Were convicts sent to Victoria? Find out this THURSDAY.

Bill Barlow
16 September 2019
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This question of whether convicts were sent to the Port Phillip District (later known as Victoria) often invokes a statement that no convicts were transported to the district. Although Port Phillip was not one of the mainstream colonies for traditional convict transportation, there were in fact six distinct groups of convicts connected to the Port Phillip District.


On THURSDAY THIS WEEK 19 September 12 noon to 1.00 pm our guest speaker Susie Zada will definitively answer this question. 




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This presentation by Susie will highlight detailed sources and records for convicts in each of these six groups: the Sullivan's Bay Settlement 10 October 1803 - 15 May 1804; Western Port Settlement 24 November 1826 - February 1828; the Port Phillip Settlement 1835 - 1849; the Exiles 1844 - 1849; Convicted convicts 1841 - 1849; and the Free Settlers who were former convicts from 1835.


Records can be found in at least twenty-two different resources including the Archives Office of New South Wales (AONSW), The National Archives in the UK (TNA), the Public Records Office Victoria (PROV), and various web sites and publications.


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Bookings are required and can be made online, by email, in person or by telephone (Mon-Fri 9.00am-4.00pm). Joint members please book in separately if both attending. There will be a wait list available.

19 September 2019, 12:00   to   13:00 pm

Level 6, 85 Queen Street
Melbourne  VIC 3000



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