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Bill Barlow
20 December 2019
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We have received many awards for our quarterly print journal Ancestor; it is highly valued by our members and others. 


Of course, being print hardcopy it is mailed out in the time-honoured way and that, as you may have noticed, is becoming very expensive. Obviously we are always looking for ways to drive our membership funds further - and one way is to save on postage. 


Many organisations are moving to digital-only versions of their publications. I even get Christmas cards by email these days. However we know members value receiving our print journal and you can be assured that the GSV has no intention of changing this. 


Ancestor has been available as a PDF version for members on our website for some time now. Some may find this not so easy to read, so we have been exploring 'flip-books' as an alternative. 


Apart from saving on postage, some members may appreciate the option of being able to read Ancestor in a digital version to improve our environmental footprint. I am building up quite a collection of back copies of Ancestor. Recently I had to find a way to 'downsize' nearly 2 metres of my collected glossy, architecture magazines. It hurts, but so does losing trees! 


We have set up an example of what a digital flipbook version of our journal could look like - and we would like you to try it out and think about if you would be happy to read your Ancestor in this way. We would love to get your comments, so we can better assess this option.


GSV Members can read more about this in a recent post - 'A new way to read Ancestor' - on our Forum 'GSV Website'. Please add your comments on that forum thread, or as a comment to this blog post - or if you like, by email to socialmedia@gsv.org.au


Have a look at it HERE and let us know what you think.


Please note that we are using a trial version of the Flipbook software so you will see advertisements when you are viewing one of the books. However, if the GSV decides to adopt this new delivery method at some time in the future, we would be using a paid version of the software so the advertisements will not appear.


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