Welcome to the GSV

Welcome to the GSV

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Discover a world of family history at the Genealogical Society of Victoria (GSV) and be part of a community of members, staff and volunteers dedicated to promoting and assisting family history research.

Find out about joining the society to benefit from free genealogical resources and to access a wide range of supportive groups, workshops, discussions and knowledgeable individuals. Check out our opening times.


The GSV Centre has now moved to level 1, 10 Queen street, Melbourne and we are delighted with our new home. As you can see, we have finished the unpacking, and the library is ready for members to come in again. We are open for members to do their research in the library from Tuesday to Friday, 10am until 4pm. 

Melbourne Tram Museum: What tram do I catch?

Presented by Warren Doubleday, Steve Stephanopoulos and Hayden Williams

25th May 6.30pm to 9.30pm
Held via Zoom

Factory Above the Gaol | The Dictionary of Sydney    

Presented by Laura Jocic

20th May, 5 pm to 6 pm

"Anything for Mere Show Would be Worse than Useless"

This talk will consider the nature of colonial society and the emigrant's experience through the lens of dress. What did people bring with them to start a new life in Australia and how did this match with what they found on arrival? 


Presented by Alan Rhodes

11th May, 11am to 12.30 pm

To be held via Zoom

How to get full value from your Ancestry DNA test result.


GSV Members can watch and listen to nearly 200 presentations of talks on a wide variety of topics specifically for family historians. These contain expert advice on research topics such as using Scottish records or finding wills. All webcasts located via GSV catalogue.

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