Welcome to the GSV

Welcome to the GSV

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Discover a world of family history at the Genealogical Society of Victoria (GSV) and be part of a community of members, staff and volunteers dedicated to promoting and assisting family history research.

Find out about joining our society to obtain access to our collections, webinars and research services. Benefit from a wide range of supportive special interest groups, workshops, classes and knowledgeable individuals. Check out our opening times.


Scots Traditional Song

Presented by Fiona Ross

The talk will include PowerPoint slides and audio/video recordings as well as Fiona singing live.

Saturday 27th November 11am to 12.30pm

Portrait in DNA: Can forensic analysis yield police-style sketches of  suspects? - Scientific American

Current and emerging DNA analysis techniques and their role in forensic science such as murder investigations and the Bali Bombing will be discussed.

Presented by Professor Linzi Wilson-Wilde OAM, Director of Forensic Science South Australia.

18th November 11 to 12noon via Zoom

The Soldier Settlement Schemes encompassed thousands of World War One returned soldiers, learn about the information and stories to be found in vast archive left by the settlers.

Presented by Dr. Charles Fahey via Zoom

11 November 6 to 7pm

Visitor E-Pass

The GSV Visitor E-Pass gives you access to a huge range of genealogy resources for a short period (6 hours) from your own home at an affordable price. Normally priced at $20.00, you can buy a Visitor E-Pass at the special introductory price of just $10.00.

Please note that if you are a GSV Member, you do not need to buy a Visitor E-Pass because you already have access to these resources (and more).

An extra session on using Gedmatch for your family history research

Presented by Alan Rhodes via Zoom

26 October 11.00am to 12.30pm

New webcasts now available uploaded 1 Sept 2021

GSV Members can watch and listen to over 200 presentations of talks on a wide variety of topics specifically for family historians. All webcasts located via GSV catalogue.

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