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Ancestor September 2020 coverWhat's in the current issue of Ancestor

December 2020 ( GSV Members can access this journal when they login as a member. Then click on the "Members Area" link)

It is always a pleasure at this time of year to introduce the winning article of the GSV Writing Prize, which opens this month’s magazine. The prize was won by Brian Reid with his article ‘Tom were the naughty lad’. The runner-up was Susan Wight with her story ‘Webster Soda Water’, which will be published in the March 2021 issue of Ancestor. There’s more information on page 25. I’m sure you will enjoy reading Brian’s story now and Susan’s in the next issue. We thank Ancestry for their support of the competition.

As usual we have an interesting variety of articles submitted by Society members. Glad Wishart’s three times great grandmother, Ludlow Tedder, was sentenced to transportation to Australia for stealing from her employer, but this article reveals how she was betrayed by her daughter’s suitor. Horrie Poussard’s grandfather was born into a musical household but, as a baby, was abandoned by his mother, and suffered the death of his father at the age of eleven. In later life, he too abandoned his family to reconnect with his passion for music. Joannes Booss’ ancestral home of Borschemich, a small town in the Rhineland, subsequently disappeared through the development of a large open-cut coal mine. Kathleen Baker brings us his story from his birth to the migration of some of his descendants to Victoria. After many years searching, Jan Whamond finally solved the mystery surrounding the origins of her two times grandfather, Quintin Bone. Her story, ‘Father and son’ describes how the Scottish Kirk sessions, supported by DNA testing, provided compelling evidence of paternity.

Poland is a country that has undergone many changes to its borders over time. Maria Picyk’s ‘How to’ article on the Galician region of Poland and the Ukraine explains the complexities created by the changes in the region’s boundaries and the subsequent creation of several systems for finding genealogical records across several languages.

Maureen Trotter’s DNA article presents an outline of how one determines a cousin relationship from the numbers given in an Ancestry autosomal DNA test.

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Date last updated: 01 December 2020 @ 21:12