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AncSeptember2019 coverWhat's in the current issue of Ancestor

September 2019

One of the aspects of family history that got me hooked was the fact that it
made history, which I had always found incredibly boring in school, come alive for me. To discover that my ancestors had lived through, or even participated in events that I had learned about, was amazing. The ancestors of three of our authors in this issue made their mark on history in diff erent ways. Rod Fenton’s ancestor was in the thick of the Radical movement in the late 18th, early 19th century, a movement which eventually led to the democracy that we enjoy today. Two of Robyn Sharman Hawking’s family members also earned a place in history by being the models for the iconic Australian painting, Shearing the Rams. Margaret Vines’ family member worked on the gardens of the Exhibition building back in the 1880s.
Anne Nolan was unable to find a connection with one of her DNA matches. Viewing a small memo at a family gathering gave her the clue she needed to unravel the story of her grandfather’s early life, and this explained the DNA match.
We are often urged to write up our family history. But have you ever thought about what will happen to all your records and documents when you pass away? Jenni Ibrahim guides you through steps that you can take to make sure that your work is not lost.
In this issue we have not one but two ‘How to’ articles – the second part of Susie Zada’s guide to Victorian Records, and a guide by Mary-Anne Gourley to tracing ancestors in British India. Research Corner has a different format from usual. You will find a fascinating timeline of religious events that may have impacted your ancestors’ lives.
We hope you will enjoy this issue. Please feel free to email the editorial team at ancestor@gsv.org.au as we are always keen to hear your feedback.
Barbara Beaumont
Ancestor Editorial Team