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September 2018

In this our Spring edition, we conclude Louis Wilson's comprehensive article on researching NSW records, and will be continuing this series in December with an article on South Australia's records. Levane Abdoolcader has contributed an article on the famous migrant ship SS Great Britain, which made 34 voyages to Australia from 1852. Ian Hobbs has contributed a short article in creative non-fiction style about Thomas Brasher. We hope you enjoy his writing style, which is backed by detailed sources. William Brittain was the uncle of author Brian Wilson. Brian explores his life and family. Rod Martin's article in our previous issue reminded Richard Mack of another family coincidence between the Day family and the Dickmans in Wiltshire, England. John Gowdie writes of how simple inherited possessions can remind one of an ancestor. Who has heard of 'Auntie Bugbird'? Darryl Grant discovered this in a 150 year-old bible and took it upon himself to find out how she fitted into his great grandmother Annetta Kibble's family. Martin Playne has a short article on the death of his uncle, George Playne as a POW in Italy and the controversy that followed it.  

On our back page, we announce the availability of a new GSV product on 360,000 owners and occupiers of houses in the suburb of Richmond - a tremendous digital product from the GSV.

With the increasing use of DNA to help determine relatedness between individuals, we are starting in this issue a regular feature on DNA News and Notes. We encourage members to submit articles where DNA has been used for their family history. We continue with our usual regular features. 'Getting It Write' by Bernece Schultz and Tina Hocking covers what makes a good introduction and conclusion. 'Research Corner' by Linley Hooper reminds us of some dos and don’ts of researching, and how the GSV’s expertise, including the quick look up service, might help you.

We are proud to announce that we have just won The 2018 Nick Vine Hall Award, which is awarded annually to member societies (in two categories based on membership) for the best family history journal/newsletter in Australia and New Zealand. AFFHO provides this award to encourage its member societies to produce quality journals/newsletters, and to honour Nick Vine Hall AM


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