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Ancestor March2022What's in the current issue of Ancestor

June 2022 ( GSV Members can access this journal when they login as a member. Then click on the "Members Area" link)

Reading the articles in this issue, you may well be impressed by the bravery of our ancestors, who crossed oceans and faced innumerable difficulties in establishing a new life in another country. Yvonne Tunny describes the story of a group of German missionaries who migrated to Australia, assisted by the Rev John Dunmore Lang of Sydney, to found a mission and farm in what is now Nundah, a suburb of Brisbane. Yvonne tells of her ancestor Friedrich T Franz and his family and the trials and tribulations faced by these hard-working people in the mission. Janine Wood takes us through the popular old poem ‘Pioneers’ from the Victorian 5th Grade reader, verse by verse, to retell the varied stories of four sets of her great-great-grandparents, pioneers in Victoria and Tasmania. Russ Gloster untangles the truth behind his uncles’ tales that the Gloster family were ship owners, exploring the careers of James Gloster and the Dodgshun family and concluding with an exciting account of the fates of their ships. Historian Liz Rushen explains bounty immigration to Port Phillip, focusing on ship owner and immigration agent John Marshall. 

Barbara Beaumont’s article about her great-grandfather shows how the treatment of mental illness early in the nineteenth century had devastating consequences for his family. Moreen Dainty begins her article about her grandfather’s service in WW1 by commenting on the excellence of Australian military records. By coincidence, our ‘How to’ article by Patrick Ferry and Darren Watson is about those very records. They provide an overview of defence and war service records at the National Archives in all branches of the services from before Federation to the 20th Century conflicts, with tips on how to access the records, including current progress with digitisation. However, Moreen’s grandfather served in the British Army, and most WW1 records have been destroyed, making research a challenge. Her article is a great example of how her persistence in this difficult research enabled her to uncover her grandfather’s story. 

On the back cover you can read about the history and resources of the Ballarat and District Genealogical Society. We would love to hear about the activities other Member Societies.

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