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June 2018

As Autumn turns to Winter, we hope you have somewhere nice and cosy to settle down and enjoy the offerings in this issue of Ancestor.

To assist you with your research, we continue the series of Research Guides; this time it is Part One of New South Wales, written by Louise Wilson. In Research Corner, Meg Bate gives some great tips about finding the significant places in your Victorian ancestors’ lives.

As always, there are interesting stories submitted by our readers. Not many nineteenth century migrants would have made the journey to Australia and back to England four times. Margaret Dimech tells us about how Richard Jose did just that. On the third occasion he left behind his wife and children, then started a new relationship which resulted in a further five children in Australia. Nowadays we might dream of winning Tattslotto, but in the early 1900s, members of the Rose family were dreaming of the millions of pounds they believed were hidden away in Chancery in England. Jenny Deslandes recounts their efforts to access them. We know that women’s stories are often harder to uncover that those of men, but Claire Dunlop has traced the life story of her ancestor Kate Considine, whose selfless care made a big difference to other members of her extended family. Again the First World War casts its long shadow - John Barry’s story concerns the doomed love of two young people from that time. Rod Martin found a surprising coincidence relating to a tiny Cornish village when tracing his and his wife’s family history. June Torcasio has given us a wonderful image of Loch Leven in Scotland on the back cover, and describes the life of her ancestor from that region who came to Victoria and supervised the building of a church near Tooborac. We have a short article by David Andreassen on the development of the increasingly popular ancestral DNA testing, and one by Margaret Vines on her ancestor's old van to complete this issue.

The closing date for entries for the 2018 GSV Writing Prize is 31 August. Please remember to fill in the cover sheet and not to put your name on the actual article, as all entries are judges ‘blind’, i.e. without the judging panel knowing who wrote them.

Following discussions, we are altering the Style Guide for authors. Our practise of putting in bold print surnames in articles will be discontinued.

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