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Ancestor September 2021 coverWhat's in the current issue of Ancestor

June 2021 ( GSV Members can access this journal when they login as a member. Then click on the "Members Area" link)

As always the Ancestor team welcomes the submissions of our readers. We have recently updated our guidelines for authors, which may be found on the Ancestor tab on the website. Please familiarise yourself with them before submitting your article.

Again, we have a rich offering of readers’ stories. Ian Penrose tells of the connection to the sea, whether as sailors or shipwrights, in a family saga that spans four generations and two continents. We conclude our series on female publicans with Claire Dunlop’s story of a determined Irish women who fought against adversity and succeeded in running a profitable pub in the Gisborne district in the 19th century. The mystery of the long walk undertaken every Sunday in the childhood of Margaret Dimech’s grandmother is unravelled, revealing the heartache behind it. Margaret Wilson describes how the Genealogical Index of Names (GIN) helped her determine on which ship her 2x great-grandfather William Flower arrived in Australia. Jenny Dooley takes us to Derbyshire with her intriguing tale of an ancient occupation – that of dog whipper. Martin Playne outlines the medical career of his great uncle, a doctor in the RAF during and between two world wars, and his marriage to a well-known professional musician, ten years his senior. Long term GSV member Gwen Hardingham reflects on her time as a young office worker in the Queen Street precinct in the 1950s and 60s.

PROV’s photo essay on Victoria high school architecture shows how the grand architecture and design of early Victorian high schools changed in the 1950s to prefabricated single storey schools due to building material shortages and the need to provide for the rapidly increasing number of secondary students. 

To complement the article on Galician Poland by Maria Picyk in our December issue, the ‘How To’ in this issue explores how to research ancestors of German origin living in Eastern Europe. Marie-Therese Jensen has provided a thorough review of relevant articles published in Ancestor and in the ISG Newsletter in recent years, while Marianne Gifford gives a comprehensive list of online sites for researching German settlers and migrants.

Ancestor Editorial Team

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