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June 2019

Objects and photos are often a significant part of our family history. But why should a shapeless lump of metal be a precious family memento? Find out what it signified to his family member Lionel in Chris Elmore’s story. In my story, two family photos in which an unknown woman appeared, set me off on a journey of exploration which uncovered a hitherto unknown family story. John Gowdie relates some of the ups and downs in his ancestor’s  troubled life. Another story about how DNA testing was useful in uncovering family history comes from Lynda Collier. On the back page, Marilyn Kenny tells how an inscription in a book led her to a surprising fact concerning an ancestor of its original owner.

Researching in Victoria is such a vast topic that our ‘How to’ article about this will be presented in two parts, Part One in this issue and Part Two in September. Its author, Susie Zada is well known to many of our members. Research Corner continues the series of articles on Non-Conformist records available on TheGenealogist website, available in our library.

I am always impressed by the extent to which our Society only works because of the huge input of volunteer time and effort. I hope that June Torcasio’s article about the many tasks undertaken by our volunteers will inspire you to join them – if you are not one already!

Are you well on your way with your entry for the 2019 GSV Writing Prize? If not, you still have three whole months to finalise your entry before the closing date of Friday 30 August. Full details at gsv.org.au/gsv-writing-prize.  


Barbara Beaumont

Ancestor Editorial Team