Welcome to the GSV

Welcome to the GSV Blog

At this Blog - Family History Matters - you can find reports about the various activities and groups at the GSV, news about our library and resource collection, book reviews and articles of interest about family history and genealogy.  It is a way to keep in touch as a member or to discover what GSV can offer you as a soon-to-be-member.

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10 April 2019
The Society has been working on integrating the GSV Blog with the main GSV web site and we are now getting ready to switch over to the new system. The address... Read More
30 March 2019
Volunteers are invited to help create a searchable index of the presently inaccessible records of Chinese travel to Victoria from 1904-59. Robyn Ansell of ... Read More
Leitrim countryside
15 March 2019
Leitrim is a northern county of Ireland and is perhaps the most unspoilt. It is full of lakes and mountains and rugged scenery. After the Great Famine of the... Read More
6 March 2019
Coming up soon the GSV is privileged to host a Seminar on the culture, traditions and ancestry of the Highland Clans of Scotland presented by an... Read More
11 February 2019
In this post we pass on some news from our partners -near and far. The UK Federation of Family History Societies reminds us that, if we are quick, we can beat... Read More
9 February 2019
'The Married Widows' is a term describing the wives 'left behind' by their husbands who departed England to seek work and/or new lives overseas.  The men... Read More
1 February 2019
A search of the internet for family history software will give you a multitude of programs to choose from. Do some research before you decide on the best... Read More
26 January 2019
  I am slowly getting into my role as the President and it is quite a learning curve. It makes me appreciate the job done by my predecessor David Down. Last... Read More
12 January 2019
The new year is getting underway at GSV. Before you over-commit to all the things you will be doing in 2019, check the GSV Events program. There is plenty... Read More
4 January 2019
Happy 2019 New Year to all family historians and blog followers! I see we have reached over 100 posts to this blog and I hope you have found them informative... Read More
24 December 2018
At the last meeting for the year of the GSV Writers, we considered topics for next year's writing exercise. Members are invited to try writing about a... Read More
30 November 2018
A big welcome to Jenny Redman, who was endorsed as our incoming President at the Genealogical Society of Victoria AGM in October. Our thanks and... Read More
3 September 2018
Want to be part of a study to find out? In a  project entitled ‘Motives and profiles of family historians', social researchers Doreen Rosenthal (University of... Read More