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At this Blog - Family History Matters - you can find reports about the various activities and groups at the GSV, news about our library and resource collection, book reviews and articles of interest about family history and genealogy.  It is a way to keep in touch as a member or to discover what GSV can offer you as a soon-to-be-member.

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Photo courtesy J. Watson, 2020
28 March 2020
  Our recent Melba story triggered a family memory from one reader and another related how 'Sands & McDougall' is still giving support to their online... Read More
25 March 2020
    Update from Jenny Redman, GSV President   On Monday March 23 it was decided that the GSV Centre, both the library and the office, would close from... Read More
'Madame Melba', Rupert Bunny c.1902 (NGV A70-1980)
23 March 2020
  This is a good time to do some family archiving and sorting. I am isolated in my workshop sorting through tools and jars of nails and screws inherited from... Read More
16 March 2020
On behalf of the GSV Council and staff, I hope this email finds you in good health as the COVID-19 pandemic disrupts all aspects of community life.    Given... Read More
14 March 2020
  My mother often wished her brother would self-isolate. Later in life she would often complain that her brother had rung again, but all he ever talked about... Read More
29 February 2020
Discounted certificates for the month of March   Vic BDM has announced that they are offering downloadable uncertified historical certificates for $20 each... Read More
23 February 2020
A coming talk at the RHSV dovetails neatly with my last post about 'Family Secrets' - the new research project looking at interactions between settlers and... Read More
8 February 2020
Genealogical study is a hot topic. Witness the lengths to which some 'historians' and genealogists are presently going to deny Bruce Pascoe's aboriginal... Read More
GIW heading Ancestor Dec 2019
1 February 2020
    Once you have all the certificates - the names, dates and places - and have these imbedded in proprietary databases, and maybe you have graphically... Read More
Two Suburban Street - Chapel Street Prahran, 1889, A.C.Cooke, SLV PCINF AS 03/10/89 157a.
18 January 2020
For many of us, our ancestors arrived ,one way or another, in Melbourne. This was a big city by 1890.  How had it grown by then to be the second largest city... Read More
7 January 2020
Like us at the GSV you've undoubtedly been dismayed and saddened by Australia's ongoing bushfire crisis.    We are particularly concerned about the welfare... Read More
Gippsland, Sunday night, Feb 20th 1898, John Longstaff, NGV.
7 January 2020
Bushfires have shaped this country for millennia. And our human activities have shaped bushfires. I am reminded of reading the history of the white... Read More
'Ancestors' in your digital bookshelf.
20 December 2019
    We have received many awards for our quarterly print journal Ancestor; it is highly valued by our members and others.    Of course, being print... Read More
30 November 2019
    Do you have a thorny problem with your family history research?   Do you often feel someone else will have solved this or know a way to find that vital... Read More
23 November 2019
How often do we hear that someone wishes they had asked their older relatives more questions about the family?   Many of your relatives have memories and... Read More
18 November 2019
  If you are quick you can book in to hear from Ken Smith and learn how to go about finding early Victorian land records.   This coming Thursday 21 November... Read More
13 November 2019
CORRECTION to earlier post on 'E partimmo' The coming talk on Saturday 15 November - 'E partimmo. We left' - at GSV International Settlers Group is, of course... Read More
13 November 2019
Mary Anne Gourley tells this research story from the GSV's British India Discussion Circle, of the return of two young boys from India to England in 1857.  ... Read More
11 November 2019
    The International Settlers Group invites all GSV members to a talk given by Angela Scarino and Antonio Mercurio. Their book - E Partimmo. We left- tells... Read More
2 November 2019
  An exciting event has been added to the GSV’s calendar. On 15 November Dr Richard Broome, the President of the Royal Historical Society, will talk about his... Read More

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