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Welcome to the GSV Blog

At this Blog - Family History Matters - you can find reports about the various activities and groups at the GSV, news about our library and resource collection, book reviews and articles of interest about family history and genealogy.  It is a way to keep in touch as a member or to discover what GSV can offer you as a soon-to-be-member.

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Shakespeare's 'hood', London c.1600 . The Agas Map.
25 September 2020
Webcasts to help you use maps for your family history research   Maps are lovely things! I have been reading The Lodger Shakespeare by Charles Nicholl in... Read More
Australians in the Spanish Civil War Memorial, Canberra
18 September 2020
Do you know descendants of Internationals who fought against fascism in the Spanish Civil War?   This week I have been reading a memoir 'Eric and Us' about... Read More
Goldfields dress (photo: G. Nicholas 2020)
11 September 2020
REMINDER - The September Ancestor journal is now out - and available as a Flipbook for members on the website. Log in as a Member. You will still receive a... Read More
31 August 2020
Our GSV Events come to you in September Yes, all our genealogical resources are still at the GSV's research centre in the city (shown above in case you have... Read More
The Last of the Mail Coaches at Newcastle upon Tyne (1848) by James Pollard (1792-1867)
17 August 2020
    You have just under two weeks - a week from Friday to enter the GSV Writing Prize 2020.   Last year's winner Louise Wilson painted a vivid picture of... Read More
12 August 2020
An update on accessing the GSV Collection Unfortunately our catalogue and databases are not available currently. Due to CoVID level 4 restrictions we may not... Read More
2 August 2020
As it's cold in August, we have arranged for you to stay home!  OK it's the not the only reason, but always look on the bright side...! It is National Family... Read More
1 August 2020
Greetings all GSV Members   We really value your continued involvement with GSV and we are working hard to bring you lots of ways of getting your... Read More
28 July 2020
Today I was sent two enormous lists of names and details resulting from a distant cousin's Y-DNA investigation. He has not much idea what it all means and I... Read More
24 July 2020
From the Keyboard of the President I am very pleased to let you know that providing the June edition of Ancestor in digital form for most members has saved... Read More
18 July 2020
  A number of the GSV Discussion Circles have now run their first get-togethers on Zoom. This month the GSV Writers conducted a writing exercise - 'Shut up... Read More
Dad's farm diaries (W.Pfeifer 2015)
13 July 2020
    If only we had time to record the stories behind all those family objects collecting dust on our shelves! Oh, I guess we have now! I re-found a silver 5... Read More
4 July 2020
History goes on at the GSV Our centre is not yet open but we have moved many of our events online so members can continue to get assistance with their family... Read More
28 June 2020
  I hope you have been getting a lot of research done in these last four months of enforced solitude (more positive than 'isolation'). So what have you done... Read More
Royal Scots Greys, Edinburgh
16 June 2020
The first online delivery of Scottish Assistance day last month was booked within the day, as was its overflow session.   So be quick for this one on... Read More
6 June 2020
To the GSV Fundraiser Campaign donors and all our wonderful members   Thank you so much for your wonderful support, your generosity has been quite... Read More
5 June 2020
  Our GSV Writers Circle met this week by Zoom. In theory all this isolation has been useful for writers - no distractions, except grandchildren, concerns... Read More
2 June 2020
  GSV opens its Fundraiser Campaign 'Help us Keep Making History'   This month we launch a call for donations, to help us cover our operating costs in... Read More
Workers at Kodak ready for the INHALATORIUM, 1919
31 May 2020
Just as so much of our family history resource material is now online, so the GSV has been using these 'distancing' times to develop its online delivery of... Read More
21 May 2020
This week is National Volunteer Week and we would like to recognise, applaud and celebrate the great work our volunteers do at GSV.   There would be no GSV... Read More

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