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Have you had a look at the new Members Interest Database?

The GSV has recently released a new feature which enables members to enter and display the family names and brief details of ancestors and special interest areas they are researching. This database is only able to be accessed by members of GSV.

Log into the GSV website, select Members Area, then select Member Research Interests Database.
You can access this database to search existing entries, and to submit or edit your own entries.

It’s really easy to use. There are ? buttons beside each field for clarification.

You must select a ‘Discussion Circle/SIG’ or ‘Other Interest’.

There is a Comment box for additional information.

Your email address is not seen by others viewing the database.

If you wish to follow up an entry submitted by another member, you can click on that person’s name. This takes you to a form where you can type your response or query and this is emailed to the member.

If you have questions, there are lots of answers in the FAQ section of the Home page of the GSV website.

What have you got to lose?

Maybe you’ll break down one of those brickwalls, or find a long lost relation!


Would DNA help solve that Brick wall?

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Would DNA help solve that Brick wall?

Our online program, Using DNA for Family History, starts again on Tuesday March 29.

Find out how to understand your DNA results, use those results to extend your family tree, and break down brick walls.

The online sessions are presented by Alan Rhodes and involve a presentation, followed by time for questions and discussion. Detailed handouts on each session are provided prior to the session.

These sessions, presented at 11am -12.30 on Zoom, involve a presentation, followed by time for questions and discussion. Detailed handouts on each session are provided prior to the session. They are relevant to which ever testing company you have used.

The early sessions assume people are just starting their DNA and family history journey. You can either follow the whole series of sessions or jump in as you wish, for particular topics. Look at the GSV Events Calendar for the details of each session.

This series of lectures was very popular when presented over the last two years so booking is essential. See GSV Activities on the website for a full list of topics and dates.

If you have not yet done a DNA test and wonder whether you should, why not look at the GSV’s three webcasts, listed in the GSV catalogue?

They cover the basics:

  • Should I do a DNA test?
  • DNA Ethnicity results
  • DNA and family history

If you decide to test, it is strongly recommended that you do so as soon as possible and you should have your results in time to get the best value from the program.

The sessions start in late March so there is still time to have your results for the early sessions.

If you have any questions about the sessions or how they might help you, email us at

Jenny Redman

3 February 2022