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Who Does What At The GSV

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Service Operations

 Office Administrator -
 bookings, membership, general enquiries.
 LInda Farrow  gsv@gsv.org.au
 Library Manager
 Linley Hooper FGSV  libraryadmin@gsv.org.au
 Assist. Library Mgr
 Meg Bate  gsvlib2@gsv.org.au
 Research   Linley Hooper FGSV  research@gsv.org.au
 Education   Erna Cameron - chair  education@gsv.org.au
 Volunteers Coordinator   Margaret McLaren  volcoord@gsv.org.au
 Ancestor magazine  Barbara Beaumont  ancestor@gsv.org.au
 Digital and Social Media   Janne Bonnett  socialmedia@gsv.org.au
 GSV Member Societies   David Down  membersocs@gsv.org.au
 Web Manager   Meg Bate  gsvlib2@gsv.org.au
 Blog Edit Team   Bill Barlow  blog@gsv.org.au
 Health & Safety   President  president@gsv.org.au
 OR ring Office - 9662 4455










Special Interest Groups and Discussion Circles

 Scottish Ancestry   Margaret McLaren  gsv@gsv.org.au
 Irish Research Group  Beryl O'Gorman  bezbri@optusnet.com.au
 International Settlers Group  Michael Rumpff  isgsec25@gmail.com
 Early English   Alan Fincher  amfin@optusnet.com.au
 South West England   Stephen Hawke  swerdcircle@gmail.com
 DNA Discussion Circle   David Andreassen  dna.dc1@bigpond.com
 Counties of NorthernEngland  David Down  conedsgsv@gmail.com
 GSV Writers Circle   Penny Mercer  gsvwriters@gmail.com
 British India   Mary Anne Gourley   maryanne.gourley@bigpond.com
 London Research   Vicki Montgomery  london@gsv.org.au
 Facebook Writers Circle (closed group)                 Jenny Scammell            jscammell@gmail.com
 Victoria and Tasmania Circle  Ruthie Wirtz  mailto:ruthie:wirtz@gmail.com

Updated September 2019