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Applications for the GSV/UTAS 2024 Family History Diploma Scholarship Now Open

Expiry Date
04 March, 2024

You may have read on the inside front cover of the latest edition of Ancestor that the University of Tasmania is again offering a scholarship for a GSV Member to study their Diploma of Family History. The article outlines the details of the scholarship that commences in February 2024 and the application requirements.

Alan Rhodes, the inaugural recipient of the GSV/UTAS Diploma Scholarship, has commented that he believes ‘the course is well suited to GSV members who are familiar with the essentials of doing family history research and have made a good start on researching at least some branches of their family history.  The Diploma will stimulate your interest further, provide lots of ideas and resources, and develop your skills to continue your research and writing about family history.’

He writes that whilst the workload is not onerous, ‘it is important to keep up with the readings and activities in the weekly units so that you have a chance to make good use of the resources and to explore the topics fully. The units and resources are broad-ranging, interesting and useful and you also have access to the UTAS library resources and databases of journals and books that you can explore for in-depth research.  The lecturers and tutors are highly knowledgeable, friendly and very responsive to any questions.  You also have access to discussion groups with other students.’

Applications are now open for the 2024 Diploma Scholarship and can be made online through the University’s Scholarship Office:…

This is an excellent opportunity to develop your family history research skills and to expand your knowledge in finding and interpreting information about families in the past and sharing family stories with others.