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The Databases You Can Access from Home

Expiry Date
06 October, 2024

GSV members can access the GSV library subscriptions to the databases My Heritage and The Genealogist from home.

MyHeritage provides access to over 20 billion historical records. It also includes a DNA testing service, online family trees, access in 42 languages, image editing tools (including Deep Nostalgia—a photo animator), and a website and apps. Recent additions to MyHeritage include their AI Record Finder, AI Biographer and MyHeritage Wiki features.

TheGenealogist specialises in records from the UK between 1127 and 2005. Many of the records are not available on the other major commercial databases. It includes their family tree builder TreeView, and  Map Explorer which overlays maps to help users search and compare modern and historic places and boundaries.

On Wednesday 24th April at 10:30am David Down and Rebecca Landy will present 30 minute reviews of these websites to help you identify how they can be of use in your research.

The presentations will include a review of the sites and include information like:

  • how to access the site from home,
  • the focus and strengths of the collection,
  • an outline of recent changes,
  • tips on how to navigate the site successfully.

The presentations will be followed by time for questions. If you have a question you would like addressed please submit it to in advance of the session.

Members can register for the event here. You will need to log in to register.