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DNA and Family History

Expiry Date
02 September, 2024

GSV’s very popular Zoom course ‘DNA for Family Historians’ is starting again on Monday 25 March 2024.  Sessions are presented by Alan Rhodes, a long-time GSV member and experienced genetic genealogist.

Whether you are looking to break down a brick wall, find an unknown close family member, extend your family tree, confirm your research, or find new cousins, DNA can help with your family history.  

The sessions start with the basics and progress through to more intermediate topics.  The aim is to help you understand your DNA results and use them to progress your family history research.  They are relevant to which ever testing company you have used but focus on Ancestry and My Heritage.

The early sessions assume people are just starting to use DNA for family history.  You can either follow the whole series of sessions or join for topics of interest.  Look at the GSV Events Calendar for the details of each session.

Detailed handouts are provided for each session which explain the main ideas and provide suggestions for further reading and follow up activities.  GSV also offers a DNA email where you can ask questions about the session or get advice on using your DNA test.

You need to register for each session you want to attend.  There is a $10 registration fee for each session.  Live Zoom sessions are at 11:00 - 12:30 on Mondays, with time for questions and discussion.  This year, a recording of each session will be available on Monday evenings at 7:30pm the week after the live session.  Register for the session and you can either attend the live session, the recording or both!  Just use the same link and no extra cost.

If you have not yet done a DNA test and wondering whether you should, why not look at the GSV’s three webcasts, listed in the GSV catalogue.  They cover the basics of:

  • Should I do a DNA test?
  • DNA Ethnicity results
  • DNA and family history

If you have any questions about the sessions or how they might help you, email us at