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An Evening Event: Educating our Ancestors in the 19th Century

Expiry Date
13 November, 2024

England and Wales Discussion Circle
Tuesday, 28 May 7:30 – 9:00pm via Zoom

Caning, flicks to the ear, a dunce’s cap: I’d heard of those punishments being used in schools in the past. Being flung in a basket and hauled up to hang from the ceiling? That was a new one for me.

Stephen Hawke’s presentation ‘Educating our Ancestors in the 19th Century’ contains many descriptive nuggets to help us imagine what our English and Welsh ancestors may have experienced in school. While the focus is on education in the United Kingdom, relatives who attended Australian schools in the 19th century would have faced many of the same circumstances.

Stephen’s presentation examines the very fractured education system that operated in the first half of the 19th century and then the radical changes mid-century that led to compulsory education in England and Wales from 1870. He also explores a case study of an elementary school in Northampton in 1888 as an example of what children experienced at school.

This evening Zoom session is free for all GSV members. Register here to receive the meeting link by email. (You will need to log in first).

I hope to see you there!
Rebecca Landy

Note: this is a repeat of the session from Friday 10th May.