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18 November, 2024

The GSV is a place where members volunteer to assist other members to research their family histories, aided by a small but highly experienced team of professionals. It is fair to say we are a respected and well-loved organisation.

Whether you are currently seeking information about your ancestors, have yet to start, or think you may have finished, the GSV is here to assist you at every stage of your journey.

Our highly regarded quarterly Ancestor journal is probably the most visible of the GSV’s offerings, but there is so much more. Behind the scenes is a sophisticated, technologically advanced organisation with teams of dedicated volunteers continually updating the means by which you can carry out your research.

Then we have a number of discussion circles where members share their special interests, seek help, learn more and enjoy the company of other members.

Our volunteers are in at GSV five days a week, working for the benefit of our members and ready and prepared to help you with your research – or to point you to the multitude of GSV resources and other sources of information.

It is costly to maintain and to add to what we have to offer, to keep up-to-date with changes so as to be prepared to help you when you are ready.

For the GSV to continue to “be there” for you when you need us, we rely on donations.

We hope the approach of the end of the tax year, June 30, is a time when you might think about supporting “your” organisations and interests.

We ask - “Would you please consider a donation to the GSV to ensure a strong and healthy future?”

We hope your answer will be “yes”.

Donations to GSV are tax-deductible. They can be made online through the Donate Now link on the GSV website homepage, or by calling the GSV (on 03 9662 4455) with your credit card details, or by a cheque in the mail (to Level 1, 10 Queen Street, Melbourne Victoria, 3000).