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Genealogical Society of Victoria (GSV) - Address

Level 1, 10 Queen Street, Melbourne Victoria, 3000
ABN: 86 947 919 608  Registration Number: A0022763D

Phone: 03 9662 4455 

Email: gsv@gsv.org.au

Society Hours 

The Society is closed on all Victorian Public Holidays and Easter Saturday. We are open on all other advertised times unless there is an emergency. 

COVID Opening Rules

Booking are essential please email: gsv@gsv.org.au or phone: 03 9662 4455

Library Hours (Changes due to COV-19 concerns)

 Tuesday  - Friday       10am - 4pm           
 Saturday                 Closed                                                                            
Monday to Friday     9.30am-12pm, 12.30pm-4pm
Saturday  Closed



Membership, Administration, Sales, Online Shop: gsv@gsv.org.au 

Ancestor Magazine (advertising and content): ancestor@gsv.org.au

President: president@gsv.org.au 

Social Media: socialmedia@gsv.org.au

Research: please refer to Research Services and complete the form required

Further information on Who does what at the GSV 

Members please include your membership number in any correspondence


If you have a family research question, please refer to Research Services and Our Collection.

If you have a question about membership of the GSV, go to Membership or email: gsv@gsv.org.au, or drop in to our centre. 


Date last updated: 21 April 2021 @ 09:45