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Early English Discussion Circle

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The Early English Discussion Circle is for GSV members who are researching in England before 1700.


To assist Circle members in their pre 1700 English research.

Monthly meetings provide the opportunity for members to

  • discuss the ‘brick walls’ in their pre 1700 research so that the Circle can provide helpful suggestions
  • learn about new sources and websites relevant to their research
  • gain an understanding of pre 1700 records and how to access them (many of these record types have ceased to exist by 1700 or have become far less common)
  • learn more about how their English ancestors lived before 1700, including in specific geographic regions and during significant time periods (eg Civil War and Commonwealth period)
  • actively contribute to the discussion on the main topic at each meeting (advised in advance).

Who may join?

GSV members who are actively researching in England before 1700, having worked their way back, generation by generation, to this period in at least one of their family lines. It is assumed, from their research, that members are familiar with common post 1700 English record types. There is no fee to become a member of the Circle.

New members are very welcome as the broader the collective research experience of the Circle membership, the greater individual members will benefit.


The Circle is currently in abeyance. Members will be advised when meetings recommence.

How to join

Email the convener, Alan Fincher, at amfin@optusnet.com.au

More information

From the convener, or GSV admin – phone 9662 4455, email gsv@gsv.org.au

Date last updated: 25 August 2021 @ 11:03