Good News! But Help Needed

At the Genealogical Society of Victoria our team of willing volunteers continue to scan and digitise our extensive collection of microfilm and microfiche – of which we have thousands – so the data will be accessible by all members.

Our current equipment has served us well but is now worn out after many years of faithful service.

In order to enable our members access to as many records as possible, it is critical that we continue the scanning process, and find better ways to do so. Replacement equipment usually costs up to $20,000 – but our IT specialists have been able to find a used scanner, with a 12 month warranty for much less. Compared with our old machine, the new one will be electric driven (not winder handles!). This will offer the volunteers a lot more user adjustment, including that of its resolution, from 300 to 1800 dpi. Our IT team is impressed with its image quality.
Please, would you consider making a donation, of any amount, to help us pay for this

Donations to GSV are tax-deductible.

They can be made online through this link, or by calling the GSV (on +61 3 9662 4455) with your credit card details, or by a cheque in the mail (to Level 1, 10 Queen Street,
Melbourne Victoria, 3000).

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