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Login and Passwords - FAQs

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Q. How do I login as a Member?

We changed our membership computer system in July 2018.  As a result of that change, your web site username is your membership number, (unless you have previously created your own username).  In order to login as a member so that you can access member-only website content click on "Member Login'on the top black bar, which takes you to a login page entitled 'Úser Account'.  You will then enter your Username (membership number or one previously created by you) and Password (your family name in capital leters) as a default setting.  If you have changed these default settings and forgotten those, you will need to 'Request a new Password'.

Q. Can I change my password and / or username?

Yes, once you are logged in, you can change your password (and/or email address) yourself by clicking on 'View my details'in the top black bar, then complete the form under 'My Account'. 

Optionally you can click on the 'Request a new password'link and you will receive an automated email from membership@gsv.org.au with instructions and links that will enable you to reset your password.

Q. What if I have forgotten my login username or password?

You should click on the 'Rquest a new password' link on the login page.  You will be asked to enter your user name - or email address - and then click on the button 'Email New Password'. You will receive and email from membership@gsv.org.au with instruction's and links that will enable your to reset your password.

Q. If you are have a problem logging in....

If you encounter any problems resetting youur password or logging in then please contact the Office on (03) 9662 4455 during weekday business hours.

Date last updated: 02 January 2021 @ 15:32