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Membership Cards

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Membership Cards

Perpetual membership cards are issued on joining the society. Please note that subscribers to Ancestor only do not receive membership cards.

  • When entering the library, and when leaving it for the day, we will ask members to ‘sign in’ and ‘sign out’ by swiping their bar-coded card. 
  • Please display your card while in the library. A lanyard that will take the card can be purchased from reception for $5.
  • Lost cards can be replaced for $7.00. 
  • Renewal date is not shown on the card. To prove your membership status when visiting a reciprocal society.
  • We will continue to send a renewal notice when your membership payment is due.
  • If you are unsure if your membership status you can
    • Check in as a member (above) and then check "My Account" or
    • please simply give us a call 03 9662 4455 or
    • send us an email (gsv@gsv.org.au).
    • Remember your Ancestor mailing label also includes your 'renewed to' date.





Date last updated: 29 June 2016 @ 06:20