Scottish Ancestry Group (SAG)


Four meetings are held each year via Zoom, unless otherwise stated. These are on the third Saturday of March, June & September, and (usually) the fourth Saturday in November.

All GSV members and all Thistle subscribers are welcome at the four meetings.

To register for one of our meetings, please view the list of upcoming events and select the event(s) of interest: Upcoming Events - Scottish Ancestry Group (SAG)

Registrants will receive an email with the Zoom link for the meeting.

Next meeting

Our next Quarterly meeting will be held on 25th November and will also include a belated 30th anniversary for the Scottish Ancestry Group. 


You're Invited

Saturday 25th November
2 - 4pm

Speaker: Linley Hooper
My Journey in Scottish research


     Venue –
Kathleen Syme Library, 251 Faraday St, Carlton
(near Swanston St)


You'll be able to attend in person or via Zoom     

Bookings via the GSV All Events button on the Home page or by email at

With time for discussion and chat about our journeys and learnings.

If you are coming to the Library, please bring a plate of afternoon tea maybe even of Scottish flavour – but no haggis! (& if you are online, have a special something ready to share at the same time) 

Door Prize (including those on line)

Discussion Circle Planning Group

Bruce McDowall
Eric Smith
John Bird
Thistle Editor: Eric Smith 


1. To promote awareness of the group and its activities
2. To promote research into Scottish family history
3. To promote an understanding of the nuances relating to research into
     Scottish family history
4. To publish a quarterly newsletter "Thistle" containing material
     relevant to Scottish family history
5. To publish other publications containing material relevant to Scottish
     family history
6. To hold meetings on a quarterly basis to enable topics relevant to
     Scottish family history to be presented
7. To hold workshops, road shows, seminars, conferences etc., as and when
8. To collect and donate research materials relevant to Scottish family
     history to the GSV Library
9. To exchange newsletters with like groups locally, nationally and

Beginner's Workshops (ON HOLD AT PRESENT)

Other services

Conferences and Seminars: From time to time, conferences, seminars, and other sessions separate from the normal meeting schedule will be held to enable a broad range of information to be disseminated. These events will be advertised in Thistle, Ancestor and the GSV's web site.

Library Donation Fund: One of the aims of the Scottish Ancestry Group is to donate material relevant to Scottish Family History research to the GSV Library.

All donations over $2.00 are tax deductible. All cheques and money orders need to be made out to "The Genealogical Society of Victoria". Make sure you clearly nominate that your payment is a donation to the Scottish Ancestry Discussion Library Donation Fund.

Mailing Address
Genealogical Society of Victoria
Level 1, 10 Queen Street
Melbourne 3000 Victoria

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