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Cheshire history; tanning industry, Guest family history
Presenter: Jenny Redman
Jenny provides a history of tanning before examining the industry in Chester and Warrington through the eyes of her ancestors, the Guest family.
Duration: 21 minutes
Nenagh, County Tipperary. An Example of Life in a Military Town
Presenter: Michael J. Reynols
Michael Reynolds, a resident of Nenagh in County Tipperary, speaks about the military history of the town from the 19th century to the War of Independence. He discusses two case studies on the Hennessy and Doran families, which were the focus of his postgraduate research on Irish garrison towns. Michael covers the Irish Army Census of 1922, and discusses other useful historical and genealogical sources.
Duration: 50 minutes
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Four Richards and an Arthur: The Cox Family in Dorset & Devon 1696-1796
Presenter: David Cox
David talks about the results of his research into four generations of the Cox Family who, in the 18th century, moved steadily west from Dorset into Devon.
Duration: 30 minutes
John Moushall 1789-1867: Ivory Turner
Presenter: Jenny Scammell
Jenny Scammell outlines her research into the life of her ancestor John Moushall who was an ivory turner in Birmingham and Manchester in the first half of the 19th century.
Duration: 19 minutes
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Booth Hodgetts and Staffordshire Resources
Presenter: Susan Wight
Susan describes the life of Booth Hodgetts, 1758-1822, a nail ironmonger and industrialist, from Dudley, the capital of the Black Country. She also discusses various sources of Staffordshire records.
Duration: 10 minutes
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The Copp Family: Honiton Lace Artisans
Presenter: Cathy Carman
Cathy describes the Honiton Lace making Industry of South-west England through the lens of her ancestors the Copp Family of Exmouth, Devon.
Duration: 27 minutes
Whitmore Hall in Staffordshire. Back to the Doomsday Book
Presenter: Anne Young
Whitmore Hall is one of the few properties in England that has remained in the same family for over 900 years. Anne Young speaks about her family’s connection to the house dating back to the reign of William the Conquerer.
Duration: 24 minutes
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Baxter Bagshaw: Name Change - Who Dunit
Presenter: Jennifer Baxter
Jennifer describes her research to understand and resolve the mystery of when and why her family name was changed and by whom.
Duration: 27 minutes
The Potteries and My Family
Presenter: Diana Palayan
Diana describes her life of her ancestors who lived and worked in the potteries in Staffordshire. She also outlines the resources available for family history research in the area.
Duration: 19 minutes
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Burr Family: Gold and Footscray Connections
Presenter: Neil Horsburgh
Neil relates the story of Novello Nettelingham Burr, who was born on the Victorian goldfields, married into the Cant family who had Mormon convictions, lived in Utah before returning to a life in Footscray.
Duration: 38 minutes
William Smith: Dissenter and Parliamentarian
Presenter: Peter Collins
Peter Collins describes the life of William Smith, a UK Parliamentarian from 1784 to 1830. William Smith campaigned for the abolition of slavery and championed the Doctrine of the Trinity Act 1813 which made it legal to practice Unitarianism.
Duration: 9 minutes
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Actors in London: Three Generations of an Acting Family
Presenter: Lynda Collier
Lynda Collier talks about three generations of the Robert's Family who were actors in London.
Duration: 39 minutes
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