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Presenter: Claudia Hull

Claudia Hull talks about her ancestors the Holmes family who were successful shipbuilders and shipwrights in County Durham, Auckland NZ and Melbourne.

Date Published: 25 Mar 2023 @ 1:35 am
Duration: 10 minutes
Presenter: Diana Palayan

Diana describes her life of her ancestors who lived and worked in the potteries in Staffordshire. She also outlines the resources available for family history research in the…

Date Published: 28 Feb 2023 @ 6:06 am
Duration: 19 minutes
Presenter: Jill Trethewey

This presentation examines the life of a 19th century Officer of Excise based in London. Jill also describes how she researched her ancestor and the records that are available…

Date Published: 28 Feb 2023 @ 6:04 am
Duration: 30 minutes
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