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Presenter: Jenny Scammell

Jenny discusses the 19th century shipwrecks on the coastline of Victoria through the lens of three vessels, the Sacramento, Joseph H Scammell and the Schomberg.

Date Published: 28 Feb 2023 @ 6:44 am
Duration: 63 minutes
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Presenter: Penny Mercer

During the 1880s the city Melbourne expanded and developed dramatically. Land prices boomed and a great number of people invested in housing developments. In the 1890s the boom…

Date Published: 28 Feb 2023 @ 6:16 am
Duration: 43 minutes
Presenter: Michael Rumpff, Michael Considine, David Webster

Three speakers share stories about the migration of their German families to Victoria and Tasmania. Michael Rumpff traces his family back to Frankfurt using Trove and German…

Date Published: 28 Feb 2023 @ 6:16 am
Duration: 64 minutes
Presenter: Jeanette Mollenhauer

Dr Mollenhauer describes her researches into the history of Irish Step Dancing in Australia

Date Published: 28 Feb 2023 @ 6:14 am
Duration: 30 minutes
Presenter: Clodagh Norwood

The presenter describes the life of Thomas Wainewright who was transported to Hobart for fraud. He became an artist and his portraits provide documentation of personalities in…

Date Published: 28 Feb 2023 @ 6:13 am
Duration: 24 minutes
Presenter: Neil Horsburgh

Neil relates the story of Novello Nettelingham Burr, who was born on the Victorian goldfields, married into the Cant family who had Mormon convictions, lived in Utah…

Date Published: 28 Feb 2023 @ 6:12 am
Duration: 38 minutes