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Presenter: Lynda Collier
This talk explores the lives of a group of London needlewomen who migrated to Melbourne in 1850 under the auspices of the Fund for promoting Female Emigration. Lynda Collier describes the fund, life on board the Culloden, and their lives in Melbourne.
Topic: Shipping
Presenter: Peter Prideaux
Dr Prideaux discusses the onboard conditions of passengers travelling in close confinement to Australia in the 19th century. The high death rates of early immigration schemes led to changes to help mitigate the dangers of the voyages.
Topic: Shipping
Presenter: Meg Bate
The presentation discusses the development of intra-colonial shipping between the ports in Tasmania and outward to the other colonies, especially Victoria. Reference is made to physical and digital resources available to research shipping and passenger records.
Topic: Shipping, Tasmania
Presenter: Meg Bate
This talk outlines the development of the early colonial ports of the western district of Victoria. The sources of information available to assist you to research your ancestors who lived or moved through the area are described.
Topic: Shipping
Presenter: Colleen Arulappu
This presentation explores the lives of five Royal Navy Surgeon/Superindents charged with the onboard welfare of convict women transported to Tasmania. The medical journals maintained by the Officers are the prime source of information for this very interesting presentation
Topic: Shipping
Presenter: John Wroe
John Wroe describes the conditions onboard the immigrant vessels travelling to Victoria. He discusses the length of the voyage, the food and health hazards, the shipping companies and the evolution of ship designs and the routes.
Topic: Shipping, Victoria