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The bushfires

Bill Barlow
Expiry Date
05 July, 2020

Like us at the GSV you've undoubtedly been dismayed and saddened by Australia's ongoing bushfire crisis. 


We are particularly concerned about the welfare of our country members, some of whom will have been directly affected as they protected their homes and communities.

For those whose families have been directly impacted by the fires you have our deepest sympathies. 

We also join with others in thanking our volunteer firefighters whose incredible efforts and courage are an inspiration to the whole country. They, together with emergency services, defence force personnel and the many other volunteers are still out there dealing with ongoing threats as I write this.

In some areas vital local heritage, buildings and historical records may have been lost. When the immediate danger is passed and losses to historical assets and collections are assessed, the GSV may be able to help with the rebuilding process. If your Family History Group has been affected by the fires please contact us directly.


Jenny Redman

President GSV