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What was life like in India in the final years of the Raj?

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10 November, 2024

Are you up for something quite different on a quiet almost-winter evening?

Then grab a nice cup of Darjeeling tea and settle in to the next British in India Discussion circle zoom meeting on Tue 21 May at 7.30pm.

You don’t need a personal connection to colonial India to join this discussion circle. All GSV members are invited to enjoy a fascinating interview with someone who experienced the final years of the Raj in Bengal.

Our special guest will be Heather Spicer, born in Chandpur, Bengal, in 1936. She spent her first eleven years in India, with home at Comilla and school a four-day adventurous journey away at Darjeeling.

Heather will be in conversation with Janine Marshall Wood to tell us about her parents and why and what they were doing there at the time.  Just like India then and now, there are engrossing stories, surprises and stunning things to learn in store for us as we hear about her childhood. In 1966 Heather returned to Bangladesh for four and a half years with her husband and two children, with two more babies born there.

This meeting is open to GSV members only - what a great reason to join the GSV!

Please log in to the website and book. See you there.