International Settlers Group (ISG)(Non-British Research)

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Please note this Group is in recess, more details soon.

A Service Group of the Genealogical Society of Victoria 

Postal Address: Hon. Secretary International Settlers Group, C/- GSV,
Level 1, 10 Queen Street, Melbourne 3000 AUSTRALIA


Phone: 03 9662 4455 

Enquiries: Michael Rumpff                                                                   

Aims of the group

  • Compile and collate genealogical research information on the non-British countries.
  • Assist Subscribers with their research activities through correspondence, newsletters and for GSV members, articles in 'Ancestor' the official journal of the GSV.
  • Increase the holdings of the Society's Library relating to non-British research.
  • Sharing experience and resources with Newsletter Subscribers.

The International Settlers Group offers you:

  • Assistance with your research problems in Australia and overseas.
  • A chance to meet and get to know fellow members and to exchange activities and ideas.
  • Newsletter published regularly giving activities of the International Settlers Group (ISG), articles of interest and various reports.
  • The opportunity to further your genealogical knowledge through the use of records available within the ISG.
  • Guidance as to the records held in the Genealogical Society of Victoria (GSV) library, which may assist you in your particular area of research.
  • The chance to include details relating to your ancestors in our "Members Interest Directory" which is updated on a continuous basis and published in the Newsletter.
  • An opportunity to contribute information in Our Newsletter.

The International Settlers Group Newsletter (Quarterly)

It is published  quarterly in January, April, July and October. It is recommended reading for any person with an interest in non-British genealogical research.

Membership Subscription: Suspended                                                                     


  • Held quarterly on the third Saturday in February, May, August and November.

Future meetings: (held via Zoom)

Our second meeting for 2023 will occur via zoom at 1 pm on Saturday 19th August.  At this meeting, we will look at our journeys in Genealogy. Genealogy has a lot to do with journeys- not just where did someone come from, but how did they get to their destination? We plan to open up the forum to participants from whom we hope for a contribution. Amongst issues we would like to cover are – the route taken, form of transport, events enroute, paperwork involved in planning to migrate and some assessment of the outcome. The ISG would like to hear from anyone who can contribute to this concept. Contact convenor Michael Rumpff to take part:

The International Settlers Group (ISG) does research for its subscribers and other interested parties, under the auspices of the Research Services GSV and at the same rates, which are:- Members $30.00 per hour (inc GST) Non Members $50.00 per hour (inc GST) + photocopying charges and postal charges where applicable. Please enclose sae for initial inquiry. Address to Hon. Secretary ISG or email:  

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