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William Smith: Dissenter and Parliamentarian
Presenter: Peter Collins
Peter Collins describes the life of William Smith, a UK Parliamentarian from 1784 to 1830. William Smith campaigned for the abolition of slavery and championed the Doctrine of the Trinity Act 1813 which made it legal to practice Unitarianism.
Duration: 9 minutes
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Actors in London: Three Generations of an Acting Family
Presenter: Lynda Collier
Lynda Collier talks about three generations of the Robert's Family who were actors in London.
Duration: 39 minutes
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Richard Turner: an Excise Officer in London
Presenter: Jill Trethewey
This presentation examines the life of a 19th century Officer of Excise based in London. Jill also describes how she researched her ancestor and the records that are available to assist her.
Duration: 30 minutes
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Watermen in London: The Round Family in Williamstown
Presenter: Robyn Ansell
This presentation explores the life of watermen in London over the period from 1600 to the end of the 19th Century. Robyn Ansell also explores her Round family who were involved in this occupation. Handout
Duration: 38 minutes
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