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What's New at FamilySearch
Presenter: Jenny Harkness
Jenny Harkness discusses the latest news, records and features of the FamilySeach website and Research Wiki.
Duration: 60 minutes
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Birmingham: From Market Town to the 'Workshop of the World'
Presenter: Samantha John
Samantha explores the social and economic history of Birmingham from a reference in the Domesday Book to the modern metropolis. She also comments on some of the challenges to researching families in Birmingham and provides many helpful resources.
Duration: 49 minutes
Research Using the Devon OPC Scheme
Presenter: David Down
In a series of talks on Online Parish Clerk schemes, David Down speaks about genealogical resources including OPCs that are available through the GENUKI Devon website.
Duration: 14 minutes
Presenter: Stephen Hawke
In a series of talks on Online Parish Clerk schemes, Stephen Hawke speaks about the range of resources available through the Dorset OPC website with some records going back to the 14 th century.
Duration: 25 minutes
Presenter: David Down
More and more historical census records from around the world are available online. These records provide valuable information about your ancestors, the places they lived and worked and provide insights into historical social conditions. This presentation explores where records may be located and provides tips to assist you to extract information to guide your research.  Handout  
Duration: 50 minutes
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Presenter: Cheryl Griffin
It would be fair to say that the stories of many single people have disappeared from history, often because there are no direct descendants to carry the stories to the next generation, or perhaps because the person in question did not have a public profile of any significance. Dr Cheryl Griffin explores the principles and methodology used to identify individuals that do not appear frequently in surviving records. 
Duration: 40 minutes
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Presenter: Judy Hughes
The recorded interview can be used as a primary source of information about a time, an event or a life. Oral histories can also challenge existing collective beliefs. In this presentation, Judy Hughes discusses the techniques used in oral history and how they can add to your family stories.
Duration: 40 minutes
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