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Presenter: Sophie Couchman
Sophie Couchman introduces the CAFHOV project which has indexed the Victorian CEDT Index. She provides an explanation of the Index and shares some of the stories of the people uncovered using the Index.
Topics related to this webcast: Chinese-Australians, Genealogy-and-History-Societies, Victoria
Presenter: Jillian Hiscock
Jillian Hiscock, the RHSV Collections Manager, describes the extensive range of collections held by the Society and how they may be able to assist family historians. For example, they hold a unique collection of documents entitled the Victorian Pioneer Register. The collection contains documents completed by colonists who arrived in Victoria prior to 1856 who were invited to provide information about themselves and their families.
Topics related to this webcast: Genealogy-and-History-Societies, Victoria
Presenter: John Wroe
John Wroe describes the conditions onboard the immigrant vessels travelling to Victoria. He discusses the length of the voyage, the food and health hazards, the shipping companies and the evolution of ship designs and the routes.
Topics related to this webcast: Shipping, Victoria
Presenter: Gary Presland
Dr Presland discusses the landscapes of Melbourne at the time of the original inhabitants. He examines the changes made by Europeans and the effects of those changes to the landscape.
Topics related to this webcast: Maps, Victoria
Presenter: Judith Scurfield
This presentation discusses the very extensive collection of maps of Victoria, Australia and other parts of the world held at the State Library of Victoria. The SLV’s online collection of war related maps are discussed with charts from the 1830’s until the 1990’s. These include maps from British India, and where Australian troops were deployed in the Middle East and Europe during WW1.
Topics related to this webcast: Maps, Victoria